COURSE NAME:: Biofuels Development Workshop

COURSE BACKGROUND:: The program is designed for all those who want to learn about biofuel sources, value chain, technologies and processes, project & economic feasibility & viability. The participants would also learn about the future of transportation fuels and improved ecological plans.

At the end of the program participants will be able to :
- understand the Biofuels value chain;
- identify the technology of ethanol as Energy sources;
- understand different types of sources of Biofuels and Technological processes;
- demonstrate the study to appraise and make consequential decision on crop cultivation;
- identify typical Biofuels project and factor inputs;
- list out important factor in international training of Biofuels and market barrier;
- explain how to measure the Economic Feasibility and viability using critical financial yardsticks (DCF/NPV).

This contains detailed descriptions of the activities to be carried out during the one week workshop. The workshop will cover the following areas:
1. Introduction to Renewable Energy
(a) Traditional Energy sources and why Renewable Energy
(b) Advantages and Disadvantages of Biofuel and Biofuels Value Chain
2. Biofuel as Alternative Energy source
(a) The Technology of Ethanol as Energy source
(b) other sources of biofuels & Technological processes (Lipid Derived Biofuels, Biomethane, Biohydrogen, Biomass to Liquid, and Environmental Impact of Biofuels)
3. Biofuel Technological Advances
(a) High-Yield Biomass
(b) Agricultural Residues & Waste
(c) Application of Molecular Biology & Genetics
4. Road Map for Biofuels Development31
(a) Identification & availability studies on Biofuels
(b) sources of Biomass & Feedstock & Suatainability
(c) Biofuels Policy, Legislation & Standards
5. Current Technological Trends in Biofuels fuels
(a) What companies are doing what in Biofuels Technology development
(b) Other countries' Biofuels Energy development experience
6. Biofuels Energy Project Economics
(a) Typical Biofuels Project
(b) Measuring the economic Feasibility & Viability using critical financial Yardsticks (DCF/NPV)
(d) Biofuels market and sources of Financing for Renewable Energy


SECTORS:: Midstream/MDAs / Allied Industries

VENUE:: Kano