COURSE NAME:: Smart Business Decisions: The Power of Data Analysis

COURSE BACKGROUND:: Background In the unfolding competitive global economy, companies face the challenge of evolving strategies and practices to compete effectively. With the increasing the trend of economic globalization and the attendant high level of business uncertainties'.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to: 
· Acquire the necessary skills to enable them to serve as catalysts for high-quality fact-driven decision making. 
· Understanding of the business environment under which a firm operates is a necessary condition for evolving and implementing effective strategic initiatives in any enterprises. 
· Enhance the Manager's ability to make intelligent decisions in the presence of uncertainty. 
· Provide a good understanding of the techniques required to plan and execute in business, the various types of data studies.

· Business Decisions and Statistical Process. 
· Data Looking Beyond the Obvious. 
· Associative and Predictive Analysis 
· Planning and Executing Data Studies.

TARGET AUDIENCE:: Middle to Senior Managers in both Private and Public Sector organization whose role requires a good understanding of data-driven decision making. · Business analysts and strategy advisors whose job is to sources and analyse business data and recommend the best available options to enhance the performance of their organization.

SECTORS:: All Sectors:

VENUE:: Lagos