COURSE NAME:: Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

COURSE BACKGROUND:: RCM introduces three basic concepts for asset Management, identify what is important, define what should be done, and change the existing programs is what RCM practitioners will possess and commune when applying the RCM process.

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:
· Know how to describe the RCM process flow.
· Understand the importance of identifying and categorizing assets.
· Understand criticality and the FMECA approach in RCM.
· Understand why to conduct a task comparison.
· Understand how to implement RCM.
· Recognize what a living program is.
· Know the content of a RCM project plan.
· Understand the basic of the integration

Preliminary Assessment
· Project specification and PPP model selection
· Transaction strategy and design
· Tendering and bidding process
· Financial appraisal risk assessment and financial structures
· Credit enhancement techniques and financial guarantees

TARGET AUDIENCE:: Maintenance and Reliability Engineers and Managers, Engineering Personnel and Managers.

SECTORS:: Upstream, Midstream, Downstream

VENUE:: Warri

DURATION:: 5 days