COURSE NAME:: Finance for Non-Finance Staff

COURSE BACKGROUND:: For timely decision to be made there is a need to have proper understanding of the financial implication and how it impacts on the effectiveness and performance of organization. There is an apparent need to raise the level of financial awareness of key Management Staff in order to enable them to use the financial information to make better short-term or long-term decisions. This course will explain the fundamentals of finance with assumption of basic numeracy skills and provide a good understanding of standard financial statements and interpretation for effective decision making.

COURSE OBJECTIVES:: At the end of this program, participants will be able to: 
· Understand the basic principles, terminology, and the building of financial control
· Understand financial statements and how they relate to one another. 
· Manage business revenues, costs, profit, and cash 
· Use their financial knowledge to make more effective decisions. 
· Appreciate the financial implications of plans and decisions.

COURSE CONTENTS:: Financial Statements 
· Business analysis 
· Costing 
· Budgeting and Taxation 
· Cash Operating cycles 
· Investment Appraisal tools

TARGET AUDIENCE:: Senior Management Staff


VENUE:: Ilorin