COURSE NAME:: Logistics / Shipping Management

COURSE BACKGROUND:: Shipping controls the seaward side of the international maritime business. It is responsible for carrying over 90% of world trade and employs millions of people around the globe in various roles, from ship and port management to finance law, insurance, shipbroking, and ship agency services.
The training will provide a thorough knowledge and understanding of shipping management which are vital for effective operations and an uninterrupted flow of an international supply chain. Effective management in the different areas of maritime operations are examined while keeping in line with the rapidly changing the shipping field.
This course exposes participants to the latest development in the shipping industry and offers a broad view of the shipping business, challenges and opportunities posed to the shipping practitioners. It also highlights the key issues in the context of international shipping which includes shipbuilding, marine equipment manufacturing, maritime service providers and offshore and oil & gas sectors.

COURSE OBJECTIVES:: At the end of the course, participants will be availed the understanding of world commerce, background, and organization management of global maritime activities. - The Shipboard management and its procedure. - Ship types and purpose; registration, the role, and functions of Classification Societies, risk management, various shipping trade, and routes. 
- Understand the roles of Ship and Shipping Managers; various departments in shipping organizations. 
- Shipping Agencies and their various roles in the maritime industry, maritime legislation, ship operations and documentation procedures, shipping, and ports operations.
- Documents involved in shipping business.

COURSE CONTENTS:: Introduction to the Shipping Industry and the Role of the Ship Manager 
- The Skills Set of a Ship Manager Maritime Legislation
- The Four Pillars of Quality Shipping 
- The ISM Code- ISPS Code - PSC 
- Maritime Certification and the Inspection Bodies 
- Maritime ISO Standards and their Application 
- Financial Controls and Budgeting
- Ship Types and their Operation 
- Introduction to Cargo Calculations
- Case Study: Managing a Ship Management Company


SECTORS:: All Sectors:

VENUE:: Lagos