COURSE NAME:: International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSA)

Government all over the world have been criticized for opaque accountability in the operations of Public budgets instead of showcasing accurate, meaningful and trans parent financial Statements.

The purpose of International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAs) is to enable the Public enterprises exhibit clearly the budgeting techniques and accounting models that will facilitate results-based monitoring and reporting system.

The workshop will provide amply opportunity for participants to understand the comprehensive applications of IPSAs from the IFRS's IFRS standards and how to apply it to the public entities framework.

Participants will be exposed to increase transparency modules that will facilitate the development of performance/ result-oriented system in the measurement of cost budgets and measurement cost

At the end of this program, participants will be able to: 
· Grasp and apply IPSAS to their Organization accounting practice. 
· Increase transparency with the attendant Best International Practices in relative to banks, donors, and multilateral agencies. 
· Understand IPSAS implementation process and its inherent pitfalls to be avoided. To put in place a strong and efficient system of performance-based Management in their accounting report.

General-purpose financial reporting by public sector entities. · In-dept analysis of core standards: disclosure requirement, investments reporting, equity/ costs, interest in joint ventures, Treasury Single Accounts (TSA), hyper-Inflation, adjusting and non-adjusting events.
· Changes in IPSAS , amendments, reviews and expected future developments. 
· Services concession arrangement's accounting and financial reporting.
· Financial statements and cash flow statements. 
· Property with core content like Depreciation, expensing, inventories e.t.c. · Financial benefits.

TARGET AUDIENCE:: Senior & Middle level management staff of Finance, Audit and procurement department

SECTORS:: Upstream, Midstream Downstream, MDAs, Allied Industries.

VENUE:: Lagos