COURSE NAME:: Local Content Development Program and Strategies in the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria

The Oil and Gas Industry (OGI) in Nigeria plays a crucial role to the sustenance of the nation and fuels her economic and development activities. The industry has been widely described as the nation's live wire and literature abounds on its role and significance in Nigeria. Nonetheless, an estimated $8 billion is spent annually on servicing the industry in operations such as fabrication, engineering procurement, construction (EPC), Front End Engineering Design (FEED), conceptual designs and seismic studies. This figure is projected to hit $15 billion within the next few years. Regrettably, despite these huge sums of money spent in servicing the industry, only a very little proportion of the accruable profit is spent in Nigeria. 
Majority of the amounts are repatriated abroad, where most of the equipment are manufactured; and providing employment opportunities for citizens of other countries. The major reason for this situation has been attributed to low local content (LC), which is a situation where most of the service contracts are awarded to foreign firms because local indigenous firms lack the requisite skills, technical expertise, manpower and production capacity and capability to compete favorably. This program is designed to give participants an inside into Local Content Development program in Nigeria.

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to: 
· define Local Content 
· appraise the local content Act 
· evaluate the Local Content Act

COURSE CONTENTS:: What is Local Content (LC) 
· Local Content Act 
· IOCS response to LC 
· Government attitude towards LC 
· Where LC is applied

TARGET AUDIENCE:: All areas of specialization in the oil and gas sector

SECTORS:: All Sectors:

VENUE:: Lagos