COURSE NAME:: International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS)

At the end of this program, participants will be able to: 
· Introduce participants to the international standards Financial Reporting format. 
· Stimulate participants to adopt the standards in their organizations. Be able to describe the role, benefits and purpose of IFRS
· Engage with all key stakeholders. 
· Ensure compliance with financial reporting obligations. 
· Identify the key steps in implementing the standards.
· The importance of standards of Financial Reporting. 
· The legal Framework for Developing International Reporting Standards. 
· Concepts in International Financial Reporting Standards. 
· Presentation and Disclosure Issues. 
· Accounting for Assets and Liabilities. 
· Policies and revenue. 
· Review of developments in Current International financial reporting standards in specific Technical Areas. Private and public standards; How they have evolved. 
· IPSAS and IFRS Convergence 
· IPSAS and IFRS effective Implementation and Benefits 
· Preparation of IFRS /IAS Compliant Financial statements. 
· Working towards First time Adoption of IFRS

At the end of the Program, participants will be able to: 
· describe the role of the facilities manager; 
· state the requirements of facilities management ; 
· identify the kills and competencies required by a facilities manager; 
· develop the required ability to implement best practice FM operations; 
· determine various risks and safety issues with in facilities management; · implement and manage maintenance program; and manage and control contractors' performance and costs.


TARGET AUDIENCE:: Senior & middle level management staff in charge of financial and accounting

SECTORS:: All Sectors:

VENUE:: Lagos