COURSE NAME:: Best Practice and Performance Management for Strategic Improvement in the Oil and Gas Industry

COURSE BACKGROUND:: World-class organizations strive constantly and regularly to improve their internal processes , organizational capabilities and competencies to enhance productivity, they're operating effectiveness and efficiencies in addition to developing their capacities to respond to external environmental changes and challenges. 
Such world-class companies regularly benchmark their operations/processes to introduce best practices into their operating environment and constantly implement performance management programs. Based on the above, NLA in collaboration with Standard Consult plans to hold a five (5) day course on Best Practices and Performance Management for Strategic Improvements in the Oil and Gas Industry. 

COURSE OBJECTIVES:: At the end of the course, participants will be able to: 
· develop ways to increase and harness internal capabilities (organization structures, job designs; 
· state how to use leadership, human and communication system to enhance and improve performance / productivity; 
· carry out self-assessment and design key performance indicators for performance evaluation; 
· describe the relationship and the link between best practice, benchmarking and strategic improvements; and 
· list out the procedures of designing, developing and implementing strategic improvement programs

COURSE CONTENTS:: Best Practice: what is it? 
· Theory of Best Practice 
· The link between Best Practice and Benchmarking 
· Benchmarking, collaborating and procedures 
· Areas to benchmark and types of benchmarking 
· Matrix Benchmarking Benefits/uses, Performance management: what it is 
· Why measure performance, Why manage performance 
· Performance management methods: Traditional approach, modern techniques, balanced scored cards (six sigma)
· Best practice, performance management and strategic improvement (the links) 
· Developing and implementing strategic improvement programs

TARGET AUDIENCE:: Managers, Middle Management Staff, Supervisors and HR Professionals who want to get the most out of the people they manage.

SECTORS:: All Sectors:

VENUE:: Benin