COURSE NAME:: Advanced Program in Oil & Gas Financial Management

This intensive 5-day program is designed for experienced personnel concerned with the financial accounting aspects of oil and gas operations. It gives participants an improved understanding of accounting and financial issues pertaining to oil and gas operations. It addresses
a number of related economic, legal, taxation, budgeting, planning, auditing, information system, managerial, and strategic planning issues.

At the end of this program, participants should be able to:
· define accounting;
· determine economic and legal issues in financial management;
· develop budgeting and planning techniques in accounting;
· develop accurate auditing and information systems
· create managerial and strategic plans for the organization.

Accounting principles
· Technics of budgeting and planning in accounting
· Auditing systems
· Financial information systems
· Managerial and strategic plans of an organization
· Practical on Financial Accounting

TARGET AUDIENCE:: .Middle- and Upper-level personnel in oil and gas companies, government or private agencies involved with these operations, accounting and consulting firms.

SECTORS:: Upstream, Midstream Downstream, MDAs, Allied Industries.

VENUE:: Ibadan

DURATION:: 5 days