COURSE NAME:: Governance, Risks and Controls (GRC) Workshop for Board Members and Executives & Senior Mgt.

Operational risk constitutes the major category of risk managed by financial institutions. Operational risk is gaining increased focus and relevance within the non-financial industries due to the inordinate number of high profile corporate scandals and collapse that have been attributed to operational risk management failures, largely unethical conducts and negligence by people.

COURSE OBJECTIVES:: At the end of this program, participants will be able to: 
1· Leading practices on operational risk management 
2· Frameworks and how to successfully carry out value driven operational risk mapping. 
3· How to track operational risk even/loss data in their organization, analyze and linkage to assessment. 
4.· How to design effective preventive, detective and corrective control mechanism to reduce operational exposure. 
5· How to interpret the results of the risk assessment, the application and integration with the activities of different assurance providers 
6· How to leverage GRC and Data Analytics software to improve Operation Risk Management.


TARGET AUDIENCE:: All employees at all levels

SECTORS:: All Sectors: Upstream, Midstream Downstream, MDAs, Allied Industries.

VENUE:: Lagos/Uyo

DURATION:: 3 days