COURSE NAME:: Risk Management in the Energy Sector

COURSE BACKGROUND:: The extent to which an investor can drive benefit from investments in the energy sector depends on the quality of managing the risk of inherent in business transition in the sector. This course aims to arming participants with the knowledge of the risks in the sector and introducing them to the techniques for managing the risks.
Who should attain Investors, seniors, and middle –level Executives in Energy Sector organization.

The objective of the course is: 
1. Educate participants on the risks in the energy sector of economies of Oil-rich countries. 
2. Aim participants with techniques and strategies for managing the risks. 3. Build the capacities of participants in integrating the knowledge in their routine operations.

An Overview of Business Risk. 
1. Risk in Oil and Gas Expiration and production. 
2. Oil Market Volatility. 
3. Joint venture Risks. 
4. Fraud prevention, Dedication, and control in Oil and Gas Transactions. 
5. Safety and Security Risks in oil and Gas Transactions. 
6. Due Diligence and Risks in the Energy sector. ·
7. Techniques for managing Oil and Gas operation Business Risks. 
8. Dispute settlement and Resolution Mechanisms in Oil and Gas Business Transactions. 
9. Legal Framework for managing Risks in Oil and Gas Business Transactions. 
10. Challenge in Managing Oil and Gas Business. 
11. Building Capacity for Risks Management in the Energy Sector.


SECTORS:: Upstream , Midstream Downstream, MDAs

VENUE:: Enugu