COURSE NAME:: International Power Business Workshop

COURSE BACKGROUND:: This five-day energy Management workshop designed to provide oil, Gas and Power Professionals with an overview of the business aspects of the International Power Business with special emphasis on the development of combined-cycle, gas-fired power plants. The instructional format is a combination of formal lecture and team workshops sessions. IHRDC has conducted this program over 20 times for one of the world's largest integrated energy companies with excellent results. The program is designed to impact skills to energy leaders from abroad functional responsibilities: financial, technical, operational, project development, and other professionals that need to expand their knowledge and skills on planning, developing, and financing power projects.

COURSE OBJECTIVES:: At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
1. Gain experience in integrated power business. 
2. Acquire practical understanding of the step required to develop a combined-cycle gas turbine power project. 
3. Appreciate and gain an overview knowledge of the key legal, financial, and economics aspects of project development. 
4. Work together to collect and analyze data and make investment decisions.

COURSE CONTENTS:: 1. Introduction to Power Generation and Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plants. 
2. Overview of other forms of Power Generation. 
3. Independent Power Project Player. 
4. Project Financing of Power Projects. 
5. Power pools and least Cost Dispatching.
6. Global Power trends: Regional market 
7. Major Contracts of an Independent Power Project: Review of provisions and linkage.

TARGET AUDIENCE:: Project Managers, engineers, Operators and Technical Personnel in the following organizations, Ministry of power and indigenous Oil and Gas Companies.

SECTORS:: Midstream, MDAs

VENUE:: Lagos