COURSE NAME:: Oil and Gas Overview (Upstream, Midstream and Downstream

The upstream sector is used to refer to the search for, followed by the recovery and production of crude oil and natural gas. This sector is also widely known as the exploration and production of E&P sector. Stages within the upstream petroleum-product industry include the search for underground or underwater oil and gas fields, the drilling of exploratory wells and, if the well is deemed economically viable and recoverable, the operation of wells that bring crude oil and raw natural gas to the wells surface.
The purpose of this course is to give a holistic overview of the upstream operations, targeting especially personnel that are new in the Oil and Gas Industry.

COURSE OBJECTIVES:: At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to: 
1. Identify the major components of upstream oil and gas activities.
2. Determine the extent to which each area of activity is supportive or complementary to each other.


TARGET AUDIENCE:: Managers, Middle level Manager, supervisors, and other staff that want to have an insight into the upstream operations.

SECTORS:: Upstream, Midstream Downstream, MDAs