COURSE NAME:: Crude oil and Petroleum Products stock Accounting and Quality Assurance

COURSE BACKGROUND:: Crude oil and petroleum products stock losses, leakages and see page characterize the operational process of production, refining and distribution exercise of entities in the oil and gas industry. However, its occurrence has to be duly accounted, audited and investigated to ensure that one quantity and value of such losses are within acceptable and tolerable limits. 
Auditing generally is the independent examination and expression of opinion on the financial statements of an enterprise by an appointed auditor in pursuance of that appointment and in compliance with any relevant law and regulation. It is important to highlight that fraud detection and prevention is not the sole aim of an auditing exercise. Management of organizations are saddled with the sole responsibility for installing internal control of the business processes. Also noteworthy is the fact that there are no foolproof internal control systems, hence the need for a continuous internal audit system to watch over the assets of the entity. Based on the above, NLA considers this program very relevant as all stakeholders involved in crude oil and petroleum product handling will be brought together to interact and share their vast experiences in this aspect of the downstream sector. 

At the end of the program, participants will be able to: learn about crude oil and petroleum products stock accounting procedures; acquire skills for product quality ascertainment and testing procedures; measure and monitor products movement, reception, and distribution through automated panels apply knowledge gained on a practical stocktaking exercise during a field trip; apply knowledge gained to prevent product stock loss, investigation and recovery reconcile stock reports; deploy safety precautions in petroleum products (haulage) ullage and decantation process; stimulate abilities and capabilities for responding positively to audit recommendations, queries and expectations; acquire skills to operate a tank farm, pump stations, and filling stations; and acquire knowledge to interpret and use ASTM tables or charts.


TARGET AUDIENCE:: Refineries, Depots Operators, Retail Stations, IPMAN, MOMAN, Loading Terminals ,Flow Stations , Accountants, Lawyers , and Personnel in the Oil & Gas industry.

SECTORS:: Upstream, Midstream Downstream

VENUE:: Lagos