COURSE NAME:: Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Project Development

COURSE BACKGROUND:: The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), defined in Article 12 of the Protocol allows a country with an emission-reduction or mission limitation commitment under the Kyoto Protocol (Annex B Party) to implement an emission-reduction project in developing countries. Such projects can earn saleably Certified Emission Reduction (CER) credits, each equivalent to one tonne of CO2, which can be counted towards meeting Kyoto targets. The mechanism is seen by many as a trailblazer. It is the first global, environmental investment and credit scheme of its kind, providing a standardized emissions offset instrument, CERs. A CDM project activity might involve, for example, a rural electrification project using solar panels or the installation of more energy-efficient boilers. T h e mechanism stimulates sustainable development and emission reductions, while giving industrialized countries some flexibility in how they meet their emission reduction or limitation targets

COURSE OBJECTIVES:: At the end of this program, participants should be able to:
1. Understand the growing role of domestic climate strategies and markets 
2. Understand the application of CDM project cycle 
3. Understand much fuller of the current status of the carbon market, the climate mechanism
4. Identify and implement GHG reduction projects so as to be a primary mover in this area

COURSE CONTENTS:: 1. Understanding Climate Change and Mechanisms that Reduce GHG Emissions
2. CDM Project Identification and Conceptual Assessment the approach within NNPC and its JV?PSC Business
3. Steps to Developing Project Design Documents 
4. Case study of CDM opportunities in the Gas Master Plan 
5. Validation, Verification and monitoring 
6. New Climate based projects

TARGET AUDIENCE:: All areas of specialization

SECTORS:: Upstream, Downstream, MDAs

VENUE:: Lagos