COURSE NAME:: Upstream Oil & Gas Business Workshop

COURSE BACKGROUND:: The petroleum (Upstream) Industry is peculiar in its technical / engineering operational, financial 7 legal nature. Such peculiarities make the Management of the business be highly specialized. Similarly, the fast-changing nature of these peculiarities requires constant upgrading of staff skills and competencies. A deliberate attempt to develop and update such specialized skills is the driver for the five days program. It is designed to expose current practices and policies that will enhance the realization of their organization's corporate objectives as well as national aspirations of maximizing petroleum resources exploration by producer countries. The resources are the same and not  changing but the expectations of both IOC's and NOC's are constantly changing in  an environment of a program like this strategically re-position the organization

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to: 
1. Enumerate host government E&P objectives. 
2. Appreciate E&P critical company's objectives. 
3. Demonstrate Oil & Gas field development and production & production cycle.

1. Critical Host Government E & P 
2. Critical E & P companies (IOCs) objectives
3. Upstream Fiscal Policy and E & P Development Cycle 
4. Oil & Gas field development & production cycle 
5. Field Abandonment & decommissioning. 
6. Case Studies.

TARGET AUDIENCE:: Engineers, Accountants, Lawyers, staff of E & P Companies, Subsidiaries

SECTORS:: Upstream