The NNPC Leadership Academy (NLA) - Centre for Petroleum Studies, Kaduna (CPSK) formerly named Nigerian College of Petroleum Studies (NCPS) was established in 1995 with the Centre for Petroleum and Energy Studies Oxford as Technical Assistant.

From 1996 to 1999, in an effort to reposition NCPS, it was renamed Centre for Petroleum Studies, Kaduna (CPSK) by Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in 1999 and NNPC Leadership Academy (NLA) in 2016.

Operating from 1996 to 2000 under the Human Resources Development Department (HRDD),

CPSK was repositioned in 2005, as a full-fledged department headed by a General Manager (GM) under Group Human Resources (GHR) of NNPC.

In 2016, CPSK was merged with NNPC Schools to form NLA Division under Ventures Directorate: to develop and promote Education and Leadership capabilities within and outside NNPC and grow NLA into a profitable Venture

Currently, NLA is determined to fulfill this mandate for the industry by providing Open/ Local / Imported / Customized and Consultancy Programs.

1. Local Oil & Gas Industry Training Programs:
NLA engages experienced industry-wide Nigerian Consultants as collaborators to run identified Oil & Gas Industry Training programs.

2. Imported Oil & Gas Industry Training Programs:
NLA engages world-class reputable and International Training providers as collaborators to run Training programs in-country.

3. Customized Oil & Gas Industry Training Program:
NLA runs these programs based on 
specific needs of various organizations as requested to fill their individual and organizational identified skill gaps.

4. In-house Training Programs:
NLA to use in-
house Faculty to run some Training programs

5. Oil & Gas Industry Consultancy Services:
provides Consultancy Services to its clients when required.

6. Certification courses:
NLA to collaborate with 
some International and Local Training providers on certification courses for interested organizations and individuals


The objectives of this brochure are to:

· Present Strategic Direction and Business Focus of NLA;

· Outline NLA 2019 Planned Oil & Gas Industry based Training programs;

· Enable stakeholders to support Strategic Direction & Business Focus of NLA

· Enable stakeholders to nominate delegates to attend NLA's 2019 Oil & Gas industry Training

· Programs; and Request stakeholders to sponsor NLA 2019 Oil & Gas industry Training Programs.

NNPC Leadership Academy Headquarter is situated at

Block C, 10th Floor Room 05, NNPC Towers, Central Business District, Abuja

· Branch office at No. 8 Lamido Road, off Sultan Road, Ungwan Rimi, Kaduna Nigeria.

· Hired Venues for conducting Training programs.

· Permanent Site – work in progress at NCPS Kaduna with state of the art facilities at Rigachukun, Kaduna-Zaria expressway, Kaduna Nigeria



Certified Facilitators (National and International) Develop Training programs for Nigerian Oil, Gas, and Allied Industries Design, Deliver and Evaluate Training programs for the Oil, Gas, and Allied Industries. 

Consultancy Competency  Profiling Performance Standards Skill Gaps Analysis and Assessments Assist Nigerian Oil, Gas, and Energy sector to obtain more mileage from training expenses by domesticating overseas training. domesticating overseas training.

Accelerate Oil, Gas, and Energy staff development. Promote capacity building for technology development. Increase in foreign exchange earnings by training for the Africa region through imported programs.

Accreditation Accreditation by the Centre for Management Development (CMD).